At South East Lawyers, we offer our clients support and advice for a wide range of legal services. These include matters in the family law, business, commercial, Wills & Estates, property and conveyancing categories. While you might find yourself only in need of a one-off service from a firm, sometimes life can change very quickly and having a familiar, reliable relationship with your lawyers can make all the difference in your outcomes and experience. In this SE Lawyers blog, we interview our previous client, Brook Tayla on her experience working with our team for a range of different legal matters. Read her interview below.

What first brought you to South East Lawyers?

Brook: I originally went to South East Lawyers to receive help for the handling of my legal separation from my husband. After this, I later returned to them for support in property, conveyancing, business, and Wills & Estates matters that I needed help with. 

What was it like working with the team on not one but several different legal matters?

Brook: The team at South East Lawyers were amazing from the beginning. I knew they had my best interests at heart from my very first meeting with them, and each process was explained simply and clearly – with all steps outlined. I walked away feeling confident with choosing them to handle my case. They were also very personable, friendly and all had a great sense of humour!

Why did you choose to return to SE Lawyers for each different matter?

Brook: As you can imagine, there was a lot of change following my separation and this was a very stressful time in my life as there was so much that I needed to do. After supplying South East Lawyers with all the information they needed, they completely took the reins. This took a huge weight off my shoulders and helped me feel confident in their service. After my experience with them handling my separation, I didn’t even hesitate to use them when selling my family home, repurchasing my new home and also writing my Will.

Was it helpful to be able to receive support from a firm that you had worked with before?

Brook: Absolutely! Aside from being very happy with their service previously, they already knew all my business and financial information and had so much of my documentation that it would have been ridiculous to not use them again. Ultimately, I used them because they were professional, knowledgeable and worked hard to obtain the best results for me.

What made your experience working with SE Lawyers a positive and productive one?

Brook: They were extremely competent and achieved amazing results for me. At one stage, during the interim of selling and purchasing a new home, things became quite stressful from a time perspective, and the whole team were working on my case to ensure all deadlines were met.

It was easy to see that they were all very experienced in their specialty areas, and that I could leave them to handle everything for me. It was great to feel like I had a team of people holding my hand through everything.

Would you have any general advice for other people looking for legal support from a law firm?

Brook: Of course, I would highly recommend South East Lawyers. In general, I would say to look for recommendations and only choose a law firm who you feel really comfortable with. This is both on a professional level – because you want the best outcomesbut also on a more personal level too, as you need to feel comfortable and compatible with the staff you deal with. I still receive great TV series recommendations from the Director and feel very happy with my experience!

Being able to support our clients as effectively and efficiently as possible is deeply important to us at South East Lawyers, and we would like to thank Brook for sharing her experience with our team. We would also like to thank her for trusting us with her various legal matters. If you are in need of legal support and advice and would like to learn more about how South East Lawyers can help you, find our website here, or reach out to our team here.